Dr. Alvin R. Mahrer

Transformation & The Quest Toward Becoming Optimal


Welcome to


The Society For The Advancement of


         Experiential Psychotherapy


A Scholarly Society based on the work of Alvin R. Mahrer, Ph.D.







Founded in 2015, by Howard Gontovnick (Ph.D.), Peggy Kleinplatz (Ph.D) & Chrisine Morel (Ph.D), the Society for the Advancement of Experiential Psychotherapy has set the following as its principle goals and future direction;


The main vision of this society is to educate, develop and contribute to the advancement of Experiential Psychotherapy

                    as created  by Dr. Alvin R. Mahrer.


To contribute to the educational and professional training of Mahrer’s experiential psychotherapy.


To build and promote an organization that provides courses, workshops, public lectures, educational and academic

publications, etc, that can contribute to the advancement, development, innovation of experiential psychotherapy.  


To educate and cultivate leadership through increased understanding, awareness, knowledge, skills and attitudes

based on Mahrer’s experiential theories toward becoming more “optimal”.


To contribute and promote relevant research, application of experiential thinking and living.


To contribute to the development of knowledge, training and the advancement of experiential theory and practical knowledge.


More to follow...................





For more Information, please contact: Howard Gontovnick, Ph.D.

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